What Food Is Aruba Known For
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Aruba is a tiny Caribbean island that’s a paradise for foodies. The island is known for its diverse cuisine that blends flavors from all around the world. Aruba is known for its diverse and delicious cuisine that is influenced by its history and location. From hearty stews to fresh seafood, and traditional pastries, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to try these authentic Aruban dishes on your next trip to the island or look for Aruban restaurants in your area to savor the island’s flavors.

One of the most famous dishes in Aruba is the traditional “Keshi Yena,” which is a stuffed cheese dish made with chicken, seafood, or beef. Another popular dish is the “Funchi,” which is a cornmeal dish served with various sauces and stews. Seafood lovers will delight in the “Catch of the Day,” which features the freshest seafood caught locally and prepared in various ways.

Aruba is also known for its Dutch heritage, which is reflected in the island’s delicious Dutch pastries and bread. The island’s vibrant food scene offers something for everyone, from fine dining to street food, and is a must-try for anyone visiting Aruba.

Experience the Unique Flavors and Aromas, What food is Aruba known for

The Aruba food culture is diverse, influenced by its location and the history of its people. If you are planning a trip to Aruba or just want to try some authentic Aruban cuisine, here is a list of foods that you must try:

Keshi Yena

Aruba is known for this dish, which is a hearty and flavorful meal that originated in the Dutch Caribbean islands. Keshi Yena is made with a combination of shredded chicken, cheese, and other ingredients such as olives, onions, and raisins. The mixture is then baked inside a cheese shell, which adds an extra layer of flavor and texture to the dish. Keshi Yena is typically served hot and is a popular comfort food on the island.


Another traditional Aruban food is Pastechi, which is a pastry that is filled with cheese, meat, chicken, or fish. Similar to empanadas, Pastechi is a perfect snack to enjoy on the go or as a quick breakfast. The pastry shell is flaky and delicious, while the filling is savory and satisfying.

Sopi Mondongo

For those who love soup, Sopi Mondongo is a must-try dish in Aruba. It is a hearty soup that is made with tripe and vegetables such as carrots, celery, and onions. The soup is slow-cooked for hours to infuse all the flavors, making it a perfect comfort food on a chilly day. The dish is often served with a side of rice or bread, which complements the rich and complex flavors of the soup.


Aruba is known for its delicious cuisine, and some of its traditional dishes are a must-try for food lovers. One of the most popular side dishes is Funchi, which is made with cornmeal and water. It is similar to polenta and is usually served as a side dish with meat or fish. Funchi is a staple dish in Aruba, and locals love it for its simplicity and delicious taste.

Black Cake

Another traditional Aruban dish that is worth trying is Bolo Pretu, also known as Black Cake. This dessert is a dark and moist cake made with rum-soaked raisins, prunes, and other dried fruits. It is a popular dessert during the holiday season and is usually served with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Bolo Pretu is a rich and flavorful cake that is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Sea Food

Apart from the traditional dishes, Aruba is also known for its fresh seafood. The waters surrounding the island are abundant with fish and other seafood, and locals take full advantage of this by preparing some of the most delicious seafood dishes you’ll ever taste. Grilled snapper, shrimp scampi, and seafood paella are some of the popular seafood dishes that you’ll find on the menus of many Aruban restaurants. The seafood is cooked to perfection, and the flavors are just amazing.

Aruban Stoba

Aruba is known for its mouth-watering cuisine, and among the popular dishes are Aruban Stoba, Aruban Cakes, and Arroz con Pollo. Aruban Stoba is a delightful stew that is made with beef, chicken, or goat meat, and it’s slowly cooked with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions. This dish is an excellent one-pot meal that is sure to satisfy your taste buds and keep you feeling full for longer. The combination of meat and vegetables cooked in a stew makes it a perfect comfort food.

Aruban Cakes

Aruban Cakes are another popular food that the island is known for, and they are available in various flavors, including coconut, almond, and pineapple. These cakes are a delightful treat that you cannot afford to miss when visiting Aruba. They are moist, sweet, and delicious, making them an excellent snack or dessert option.

Arroz con Pollo

One of the most popular dishes in Aruba is Arroz con Pollo, which translates to “rice with chicken” in English. It is a flavorful and aromatic one-pot meal that is made with rice, chicken, and vegetables such as onions, peppers, and peas. This dish is seasoned with a blend of spices and herbs such as cumin, oregano, and saffron, which gives it its unique flavor and color. Arroz con Pollo is a favorite among locals and visitors alike and is often served at family gatherings and special occasions.


Ayaca is a traditional Christmas dish that has been enjoyed in Aruba for generations. It is a hearty and flavorful dish that is similar to tamales. The filling is made with a mixture of ground meat, olives, raisins, capers, and other seasonings that are wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed until tender. The result is a savory and aromatic dish that is usually served with a side of pickled vegetables and hot sauce. The complexity of the dish and the burstiness of the flavors make it a popular choice for special occasions and holidays.

Pan Bati

Pan Bati is a popular side dish in Aruba similar to cornbread. The name means “beaten bread” in Papiamento, the local language. The dish is made with a mixture of cornmeal, flour, milk, and sugar, which is beaten until smooth and poured into a skillet to cook. The result is a fluffy and slightly sweet bread that is perfect to soak up the juices of a hearty stew. The burstiness of the texture and the mild sweetness make it a popular choice for both sweet and savory dishes.

Johnny Cake

Johnny Cake, also known as journey cake, is a popular breakfast food in Aruba that is similar to biscuits or scones. It is made with a mixture of flour, cornmeal, sugar, and butter, which is baked until golden brown. The result is a flaky and buttery biscuit that is perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. The simplicity of the ingredients and the burstiness of the texture makes it a beloved comfort food in Aruba.

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What is the national food of Aruba?

Aruba’s national dish is “Keshi Yena,” which is a dish made with melted Gouda cheese and filled with chicken, vegetables, and sometimes fruits.

What is Aruba most known for?

Aruba is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and sunny weather. It is also famous for its vibrant nightlife, water sports activities, and delicious cuisine.

What desserts is Aruba known for?

Aruba is known for its sweet treats such as “Bolo Preto,” a dark fruitcake made with rum and dried fruits, and “Funchi Ku Huevo,” which is a sweet cornmeal pudding.

What is typical Aruban breakfast?

A typical Aruban breakfast consists of “Pan Bati,” a type of cornmeal pancake, served with cheese and fried plantains, alongside “Pastechi,” which is a pastry filled with cheese or meat. Additionally, Arubans often enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with their breakfast.

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