best tourist cities in turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for international travelers and a fascinating country with rich culture, history, and natural beauty. For those who are looking for a new experience, Turkey offers something for everyone. From beaches to ancient ruins, from snowy mountains to hot springs, and from Turkish cuisine to Turkish coffee, Turkey has it all!

From well-known historical sights and monuments and museums to stunning natural wonders and landmark districts; from Turkish hospitality to world-famous cuisine, Turkey has it all. You might be surprised to discover some of the best tourist cities in Turkey like Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir.

Here are the top best tourist cities in Turkey

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Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also one of the oldest cities. Istanbul city has a lot to offer to tourists, including a number of museums such as Istanbul Archaeology Museums, Pera Museum, Topkapı Palace, Rahmi M Koç Museum, shopping districts such as Grand Bazaar, Mısır Çarşısı(Spice Bazaar) and parks such as Emirgan Park and Gülhane Park.

Istanbul is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world because of its rich history, monuments, and architecture. Visitors can enjoy seeing all kinds of mosques along with other historical buildings as they walk through this city.

Top Attraction in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Hagia Sophia
  • Topkapi Palace Museum
  • Galata Tower
  • Dolmabahçe Palace
  • Suleymaniye Mosque
  • The Blue Mosque
  • Bosphorus
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Gülhane Park
  • Mısır Çarşısı
  • Sultanahmet Square
  • Miniaturk
  • Emirgan Park
  • Taksim Square



Antalya is Turkey’s most popular tourist destination and the country’s only major seaside resort. It is located on the Mediterranean coast. The city has an Ottoman architectural heritage and some of the best beaches such as Beldibi Beach.

The city is known as Aqua Lan with the awesome experience of white whales and sea lions where you can also see the home of dolphins, Antalya is one of the most popular destinations which can be seen in its architecture, mosques, and churches.

Antalya also offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as beaches and cultural parks, trekking, biking, horseback riding, and more. The beaches are well-known for their white sand and crystal-clear water. Apart from these things to do in Antalya, there are many other historical sites worth visiting like the Aspendos Theatre or the Hadrian’s Gate.

Top Beaches in Antalya, Turkey

  • Kemer Beach
  • Tekirova Beach
  • Kaputaş Beach
  • Konyaalti Beach
  • Cleopatra and Damlataş Beach
  • Lara Beach
  • Kral Koyu (Delik Deniz)
  • Olympos Beach
  • Mermerli Plajı

Hiking, Trekking, and Trial in Antalya, Turkey

  • Hiking in Kaş
  • Lycian Way
  • Olympos (Mt. Tahtalı)
  • Termessos Ancient Ruins
  • Yanartaş Chimaira
  • Kuzdere Track
  • St. Paul Trail
  • Alanya City Center to Syedra
  • Kalkan Patara
  • Hiking in the Mountains in Ormana
  • Tazı (Eagles Canyon)
  • Hiking from Xanthos to Patara
  • Hiking in Göynük Canyon
  • Beycik Village



Cappadocia is known for its unique landscape, with rock formations towering over the landscape, gorges, cliffs, hot air balloon rides, caves, and rock formations and underground cities. You’ll be amazed by the architecture, which ranges from Byzantine to Seljukian to Ottoman styles. You can hike through these natural wonders or explore them on foot or horseback. The region’s history dates back to the Paleolithic period when it was covered by a lake. This is where the first people settled in this area.

The Cappadocia region in Turkey is home to some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. The hot air balloon rides over the area are a popular tourist attraction, you can stay airborne for up to 2-3 hours which cost is vary according to the season such as In March €140-190 per person, between April to August €170-200 per person, and between September to October €190-240 per person.

Top Attractions in Cappadocia, Turkey

  • Goreme Open Air Museum
  • Goreme Town
  • Head Underground at Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu
  • Zelve Open Air Museum
  • View the Churches at Çavusin
  • Uchisar Castle
  • Derinkuyu Underground City
  • Fairy Chimneys of Paşabağı
  • Town Of Avanos
  • Pasabag Valley
  • Devrent Valley
  • Cavusin
  • Eski Gümüşler Monastery
  • Pasabag
  • Red and Rose Valley
  • Kayseri
  • Urgup Town

Things to do in Cappadocia, Turkey

  • Soar over the Valleys in a Hot Air Balloon
  • Hike or Horse Ride in Red and Rose Valleys
  • Hike Ihlara Valley
  • Explore Soğanlı Open-Air Museum
  • Climb Uchisar’s Rock Citadel
  • Shop for Local Ceramics in Avanos



Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It is located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey, at the heart of both Turkey’s political and economic life.

Ankara is a city that is still growing, but there are many historical landmarks such as the Museum of the War of Independence 20th-century military collection museum, the Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum with local art & sculptures, the Ataturk Statue 1927 monument to Turkish independence, Roman Baths Open-air museum ruins, Ulus youth park Green space with lake & Atatürk memorial that you can visit while you are there.

There are also many parks and nature preserves to visit while you are there including Dikmen Valley Large city park in an indented valley, Gençlik Parkı Green space with a pond & a Ferris wheel, Kuğulu Park City park with a playground & swan pond, Seğmenler Parkı Leafy city park with playgrounds, Botanical Park Leafy green space with trails & a pond.

Top Attractions in Ankara, Turkey

  • Anıtkabir Mausoleum for former Turkish leader
  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations Archaeology displays in Ottoman building
  • Ankara Castle Hilltop castle with 360-degree views
  • Haci Bayram Mosque Landmark Ottoman-era mosque
  • Ulucanlar Prison Museum Arts & culture center in a former prison
  • Rahmi M. Koc Museum Ankara Technology history & transit exhibits
  • Altınköy Açık Hava Müzesi Open-air Anatolian village attraction
  • MTA Genel Müdürlüğü Şehit Cuma Dağ Tabiat Tarihi Müzesi Minerals, fossils & model dinosaurs
  • Museum of the War of Independence 20th-century military collection museum
  • Kocatepe Mosque Massive mosque in the city’s center
  • Aslanhane Mosque Architecture
  • Cermodern Modern art in a former railway workshop
  • Eymir Lake Campus lake surrounded by pine trees
  • Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum with local art & sculptures
  • Erimtan Archeology and Art Museum Private archaeology museum & music venue
  • Ataturk Statue 1927 monument to Turkish independence
  • Aqua Vega Aquarium exhibit in a shopping center
  • Roman Baths Open-air museum at Roman bath ruins
  • Dikmen Valley Large city park in an indented valley
  • Keçiören Evcil Hayvanlar Parkı Zoo park with birds, mammals & fish
  • Ulus youth park Green space with lake & Atatürk memorial
  • Ihlamur Vadisi Park
  • Keçiören Falls
  • Güvenpark Tree-filled urban park with fountains
  • Atatürk House Museum
  • Ankara Vakıf Museum and architecture
  • Golden Pavilion Museum
  • Regnum Sky Tower
  • T. C. Alparslan Turkes Park
  • Gökçek Park Fountains, a lake & a manmade cave
  • Tabiat Tarihi Müzesi Museum, natural history, nature, and history
  • Yeni park
  • Victory Park
  • Beypazarı History, museum, and nature
  • Levent Amusement Park Amusement park
  • Elmadag Kayak Tesisi Ski resort
  • Incek waterpark



Bursa is a historic city in Turkey and its surrounding province. It is located in the northwestern part of the country with top ski centers such as Uludag Ski Center and Uludag National Park.

The city has been an important trade center for centuries because it was a major stopping point between Istanbul and other ancient cities across Asia Minor.

It is also home to several historic mosques, including Grand Mosque of Bursa, Emir Sultan Mosque and Hagia Sophia. The historic city center, located on the slopes of Mount Uludağ, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the Uludağ Teleferik which world longest aerial tramway.

Top Attraction in Bursa, Turkey

  • Grand Mosque of Bursa Massive, intricate 14th-century mosque
  • Hagia Sophia Byzantine basilica museum with mosaics
  • Grand Bazaar Labyrinth of colorful covered markets
  • Koza Han Historic Ottoman-era silk market
  • Uludağ Teleferik Aerial tramway known as world’s longest
  • Irgandı Köprüsü Craft bazaar on a 15th-century bridge
  • Bursa Zoo with lions, bears & giraffes
  • Bursa City Museum City history museum with dioramas & more
  • Reşat Oyal Culture Park Urban green space with a pond & rides
  • Tophane Clock Tower Historical clock tower in a scenic park
  • Uludag Ski Center Ski resort and skiing
  • Basilica Cistern Restored 542 A.D. waterworks
  • Uludag National Park National park for skiing & camping



Bodrum is a popular tourist destination in Turkey. The city has a rich history and culture that can be seen at every corner of the city.

Bodrum was one of the most important cities in ancient times. Today, Bodrum has developed into an international tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the world with museums, nightlife, beaches, resorts, and Turquoise Coast.

Top Attraction in Bodrum, Turkey

  • Bodrum Castle with underwater archeology museum
  • Bodrum Museum Of Underwater Archaeology Shipwreck artifacts & a glass collection
  • Milta Bodrum Marina Waterside walks, dining & many yachts
  • Marina walk Stroll around a scenic marina
  • Seaside nightclubs Party at beachfront clubs
  • Gulet boat trip Sail on the Aegean on a gulet boat
  • Parasailing, Snorkeling & scuba diving over the Aegean
  • Döner kebab Enjoy a kebab wrap beachside
  • Zeki Muren Arts Museum of Zeki Müren’s art & costumes
  • Bodrum Ancient Theatre, concert, and performing arts
  • Bodrum Bazaar
  • Bodrum Maritime Museum Maritime museum with model ships
  • Gümbet Beach Waterside strip with restaurants & bars
  • Orak Island Uninhabited isle with a lighthouse
  • Yahsi Beach Busy swim spot with chairs & eateries



Izmir is an exciting city in Turkey. It is a famous tourist destination such as a clock tower, mosque, and museum and it has a lot of historic sites like the Library of Celsus Iconic and Smyrna Agora Ancient City that are worth visiting. Izmir is also known for its ancient ruins, architecture, and sculpture, which have been influenced by the many different cultures that have lived in the region.

The city’s geographical location makes it a good base for exploring the rest of Turkey, and there are plenty of places to stay for those who want to spend more time here.

Top Attraction in Izmir, Turkey

  • İzmir Historical Elevator Building Landmark tower with sweeping views
  • Izmir Archaeological and Ethnography Museum Archeological museum with many exhibits
  • Arkas Art Center Art, museum, architecture, and sculpture
  • Konak Square Bustling plaza with city landmarks
  • Izmir Optimum
  • Ataturk Museum Presidential museum in stately quarters
  • Aziz Polikarp’s Church
  • Izmir Wildlife park with global species
  • Library of Celsus Iconic remains of an ancient library
  • İzmir Clock Tower Iconic & elaborate 1901 clock tower
  • Hisar Mosque Monumental 16th-century mosque
  • Mount Kadifekale Elevated peak with an ancient citadel
  • Kemeraltı Çarşısı History, caravanserai, market, synagogue, and shopping
  • Smyrna Agora Ancient City Archeological site at 4th-century ruins
  • The Temple of Artemis Archaeological ruins of a Greek temple
  • House of Virgin Mary Site of the former home of the Virgin Mary
  • İnciraltı Kent Ormanı Urban forest with picnic spots & trails

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