Halloween in New Orleans French Quarter
Halloween Decorations, French Quarter, by Jake Cunningham

New Orleans is a city renowned for its rich culture, vibrant nightlife, and deep-rooted history that includes a touch of the supernatural. With Halloween just around the corner, the French Quarter transforms into one of the most exciting and eerie destinations to celebrate this spooky holiday. In this blog, we’ll delve into the history, events, and tips for making the most of your Halloween in the French Quarter experience.

Experience many fun moments like the Krewe of Boo Parade, and Frenchmen Street Block Party as well as visiting the city ghost spots for a tour that unveils the haunted tales. Uncover those special dresses of the city’s culture – Voodoo priestesses or vampires, for example.

The Haunting History of Halloween in New Orleans French Quarter

Halloween in New Orleans is no ordinary affair; it’s steeped in a rich tapestry of cultural influences. The French and Spanish heritage of the city has shaped its Halloween traditions, drawing from Voodoo practices, Day of the Dead celebrations, and All Saints’ Day.

  1. Voodoo: This spiritual practice, originating in West Africa, found its way to New Orleans through enslaved people. Halloween becomes an occasion for Voodoo practitioners to connect with spirits and ancestors.
  2. Day of the Dead: A Mexican holiday honoring the deceased, Day of the Dead celebrations often kick off in New Orleans on Halloween. Activities include creating altars, decorating graves, and enjoying traditional foods like pan de muerto and sugar skulls.
  3. All Saints’ Day: A Catholic holiday that venerates saints, it’s followed by All Souls’ Day, which honors the departed. In New Orleans, this can involve church services and cemetery visits.

Halloween Events in the French Quarter

The French Quarter comes alive with an array of Halloween events and activities:

  1. Krewe of Boo Parade: This family-friendly Halloween parade, with floats, marching bands, and elaborate costumes, marches through the French Quarter on the Saturday before Halloween.
  2. Frenchmen Street Block Party: For a livelier celebration, head to Frenchmen Street. On Halloween night, it transforms into a massive block party with live music, food vendors, and costumed revelers.
  3. Haunted Tours: New Orleans is renowned for its haunted history. Join a guided tour to explore some of the city’s spookiest locations.
  4. Voodoo Shops and Tours: Immerse yourself in New Orleans’ Voodoo culture by visiting Voodoo shops and booking Voodoo tours. Learn about the city’s fascinating Voodoo history and culture.
  5. Haunted Bars and Restaurants: Enjoy a drink or meal at haunted establishments like Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, Muriel’s Jackson Square, or the Old Absinthe House.

Halloween Costume Ideas

New Orleans takes Halloween costumes seriously. Here are some unique costume ideas inspired by the city’s culture:

  1. Voodoo Priestess or Priest: Embrace the mystique of Voodoo with flowing robes, a headscarf, and jewelry adorned with Voodoo symbols.
  2. Marie Laveau: Channel the famous Voodoo priestess with a long black dress, a headscarf, a Voodoo symbol necklace, and a snake staff.
  3. Vampire: Pay homage to New Orleans’ vampire lore with a long black coat, pale makeup, fangs, and accessories like a coffin or a stake.
  4. Zombie: Join the undead with tattered clothing, gruesome makeup, and eerie props like a severed head or limb.
  5. Ghost: Keep it classic with a white sheet featuring eye and mouth holes, and don’t forget the ghostly accessories like a chain or a candle.

Tips for a Memorable Halloween in the French Quarter

To make the most of your Halloween celebration in the French Quarter, consider these tips:

  1. Dress Up: Embrace the spirit of Halloween by going all out with your costume. New Orleans is known for creativity and extravagance when it comes to dressing up.
  2. Prepare for Crowds: The French Quarter can get crowded, especially on Halloween night. Be patient and expect lines at bars, restaurants, and attractions.
  3. Stay Safe: While the French Quarter is generally safe, be mindful of your surroundings. Take precautions to avoid pickpockets and stay aware of your environment.
  4. Plan Transportation: The French Quarter can be congested on Halloween night. Plan your transportation in advance. Consider parking away from the Quarter and walking or using a taxi or ride-sharing service.
  5. Purchase Tickets Early: Many Halloween events sell out quickly, so buy your tickets in advance to secure your spot.
  6. Take Breaks: It’s a lot to take in, so take breaks to rest and recharge. Find peaceful spots like Jackson Square or the Mississippi River banks.
  7. Have Fun: Halloween in the French Quarter is a unique and unforgettable experience. Enjoy the spooky atmosphere and let loose.

Haunted Bars and Restaurants in the French Quarter

If you’re looking for a haunted dining or drinking experience, here are some notable establishments to check out:

  • Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar
  • Muriel’s Jackson Square
  • The Old Absinthe House
  • Carousel Bar & Lounge
  • The Spotted Cat Music Club
  • The Dungeon Restaurant
  • The Voodoo Lounge
  • Tujague’s
  • The Court of Two Sisters
  • Napoleon House
  • Preservation Hall
  • The Carousel Bar & Lounge

Halloween Events in the French Quarter

Don’t miss these popular Halloween events in the French Quarter:

  • Krewe of Boo Parade
  • Frenchmen Street Block Party
  • Haunted Ghost Tour of the French Quarter
  • Voodoo Tour of the French Quarter
  • Annual Halloween Party at Carousel Bar & Lounge
  • Halloween Masquerade Ball at the House of Blues
  • Halloween Séance at Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo
  • Halloween Zombie Parade
  • Halloween Voodoo Crawl
  • Halloween Haunted Pub Crawl

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Halloween in the French Quarter is a one-of-a-kind experience, blending spooky history, a lively atmosphere, and a diverse range of events and activities. With this guide, you’re well-prepared to immerse yourself in the magic and mystique of Halloween in one of America’s most captivating cities.

Pro Tip: While we’ve suggested an itinerary, remember to explore and discover new experiences in the French Quarter. The city is brimming with surprises, especially during Halloween.

Whether you’re visiting haunted cemeteries, taking a cooking class, attending a séance, or shopping for Voodoo supplies, Halloween in the French Quarter promises an unforgettable and spine-tingling adventure.

Now, go forth and enjoy your New Orleans Halloween!

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