Where Do Locals Eat Seafood in Corpus Christi

Are you craving fresh seafood with a Tex-Mex twist? Look no further than Corpus Christi, Texas! This coastal city boasts a vibrant culinary scene, with countless restaurants serving up delectable dishes from the sea. From sizzling fajitas piled high with shrimp to delicate ceviche bursting with citrusy flavor, Corpus Christi has something to tantalize every palate.

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Water Street Oyster Bar and Sushi Bar

Corpus Christi’s Culinary Legacy

Established in the 90s, Water Street Oyster Bar and Sushi Bar has become a local icon, offering not just a meal but an experience. Nestled with breathtaking bay views, this bustling spot is celebrated for its lively atmosphere and impeccable service.


  • Raw oysters
  • Sushi
  • Seafood platters
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Po’boys
  • Burgers

Moderate to upscale, with entrees ranging from $20 to $30

Must-Try Dishes

  • Gumbo
  • Oyster shooters
  • Fish tacos
  • Lobster roll
  • Sashimi platter

Ratings and Reviews
Boasting a stellar 4.5-star rating on Google from over 3,000 reviews, customers praise the fresh seafood, vibrant ambiance, and friendly service.

Operating Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM – 10 PM; Friday-Saturday: 11 AM – 11 PM

Contact Details
(361) 881-9448, 309 N Water St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Saltwater Grill

Family-Friendly Coastal Feasting

Saltwater Grill, a family-friendly favorite, promises a delightful experience with grilled and fried seafood, including daily fresh fish specials. The crispy fried fish and flaky grilled options are crafted to please every palate.


  • Grilled and fried seafood
  • Daily fresh fish specials
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Kids’ menu

Offering family-friendly prices, entrees range from $15 to $25

Top Picks

  • Crispy fried fish platter
  • Grilled salmon with lemon butter
  • Crab cakes
  • Shrimp scampi

With a solid 4.4-star Google rating from over 1,600 reviews, Saltwater Grill is praised for its delicious offerings, generous portions, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Operating Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM – 9 PM; Friday-Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM

Contact Details
(361) 851-5521, 5305 S Alameda St, Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Paul’s Seafood Market

Casual Seafood Bliss

Paul’s Seafood Market goes beyond being just a market; it offers a casual dining experience with counter service and fresh seafood cooked to order. Dive into local favorites like gumbo and fish tacos.


  • Fresh seafood cooked to order
  • Gumbo
  • Fish tacos
  • Po’boys
  • Sandwiches
  • Sides

With a casual pricing strategy, most dishes are priced under $15

Highlighted Choices

  • Gumbo
  • Fish tacos with blackened tilapia
  • Fried shrimp po’boy
  • Grilled oysters

Customer Acclaim
Appreciated for fresh, high-quality seafood, fast service, and a casual ambiance, Paul’s boasts a stellar 4.6-star Google rating from over 1,100 reviews.

Operating Hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 8 AM – 8 PM; Sunday-Monday: Closed

Contact Details
(361) 882-5929, 4117 S Alameda St, Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Black Diamond Oyster Bar

Upscale Seafood Extravaganza

Black Diamond Oyster Bar stands out with its upscale offerings, featuring an extensive raw bar and inventive takes on classic seafood dishes. Indulge in must-try dishes like lobster mac and cheese and crab cakes.


  • Extensive raw bar
  • Creative seafood dishes
  • Lobster mac and cheese
  • Crab cakes
  • Steaks
  • Cocktails

Expect upscale prices, with entrees ranging from $30 to $50

Suggested Delights

  • Raw oyster sampler
  • Lobster mac and cheese
  • Crab cakes Rockefeller
  • Grilled octopus

Community Approval
With a remarkable 4.5-star Google rating from over 600 reviews, customers praise the elegant atmosphere, excellent service, and innovative seafood offerings.

Operating Hours
Tuesday-Saturday: 4 PM – 10 PM; Sunday-Monday: Closed

Contact Details
(361) 882-1092, 3320 S Alameda St, Corpus Christi, TX 78412

Pompano’s Seafood House

Hidden Gem Near the USS Lexington

Pompano’s Seafood House, a hidden gem near the USS Lexington, is dedicated to delivering traditional seafood dishes with a focus on quality ingredients. Dive into classics like blackened redfish and shrimp scampi.

Menu Highlights


  • Fried Calamari
  • Crab cakes
  • Gumbo
  • Oysters Rockefeller
  • Grilled or chilled shrimp cocktail

Main Courses

  • Blackened redfish
  • Shrimp scampi
  • Grilled snapper
  • Broiled salmon
  • Seafood platters
  • Pasta dishes like shrimp Alfredo and linguine with clams


  • French fries
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Coleslaw
  • Mac and cheese
  • Grilled vegetables


  • Key lime pie
  • Chocolate cake
  • Bread pudding

Moderate pricing, with most entrees ranging from $15 to $25. Budget-friendly options like sandwiches and salads are available for under $15.

Highly Recommended

  • Blackened Redfish: A local favorite featuring a blackened filet of redfish served with Cajun rice and grilled vegetables.
  • Shrimp Scampi: Plump shrimp sauteed in garlic butter, white wine, and lemon juice, tossed with linguine – a perfect classic for garlic lovers.
  • Grilled Snapper: Fresh snapper lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection, served with a side of rice pilaf and grilled vegetables – a healthy and flavorful choice.
  • Fried Shrimp: Crispy, golden-fried shrimp served with fries and tartar sauce – a classic crowd-pleaser for families.

Community Ratings
Pompano’s enjoys a 4.2-star Google rating with over 500 reviews, earning praise for fresh seafood, generous portions, friendly service, and a casual atmosphere.

Operating Hours
Monday-Thursday: 11 AM – 9 PM; Friday-Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM; Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

Contact Details
(361) 257-2041, 4124 S Staples St, Corpus Christi, TX 78411
Website: Pompano’s Seafood House

Fins Grill & Icehouse

A Tropical Oasis on Padre Island

Fins Grill & Icehouse, nestled on Padre Island with stunning ocean views, offers a relaxed beachfront bar and

grill experience. Indulge in their renowned fish tacos and burgers for a taste of a tropical paradise.

Menu Highlights


  • Juicy wings
  • Crispy calamari
  • Cheesy queso dips
  • Peel-and-eat shrimp

Main Courses

  • Grilled or fried fish platters
  • Juicy burgers
  • Seafood tacos
  • Angus beef options like ribeye steaks and cheeseburgers


  • Classic sides like fries, coleslaw, or onion rings
  • Healthy options like grilled vegetables and mixed greens


  • Decadent desserts like chocolate cake, key lime pie, and their signature “Fins Fries” – a twist on churros dusted with cinnamon sugar

Friendly pricing, with most entrees falling between $12 and $25. Budget-friendly options like sandwiches and salads are available under $10.

Highly Recommended

  • Crab Stuffed Fish: A crowd-pleaser featuring a flaky fish fillet generously stuffed with a creamy crab mixture and baked to golden perfection.
  • Garlic Fish: For a taste of the tropics, opt for the Garlic Fish, marinated in a garlicky mojo sauce and grilled to juicy goodness.
  • Lemon Basil Shrimp & Rice: A lighter option featuring succulent shrimp in a tangy lemon basil sauce served over fluffy rice – perfect for a summer lunch.
  • Fins Burger: Don’t underestimate the simplicity of the Fins Burger – thick, juicy Angus beef dressed with classic toppings on a toasted bun – a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Community Reviews
Fins boasts a 4.3-star rating on Google with over 800 reviews. Customers rave about the delicious food, relaxed atmosphere, stunning views, and friendly service. Many appreciate the “Hook ‘Em, We Cook ‘Em” motto, allowing you to bring your fresh catch and have Fins’ chefs prepare it for you.

Operating Hours
Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM – 8 PM; Friday & Saturday: 11 AM – 9 PM

Contact Details
(361) 749-8646, 420 W Cotter Ave, Port Aransas, TX 78373
Website: Fins Grill & Icehouse

Island Cafe:

  • Another Padre Island gem, Island Cafe offers fresh seafood with a Mexican twist. Their ceviche and fish enchiladas are bursting with flavor.


  • A local favorite for fried seafood, Kody’s serves up crispy catfish, shrimp, and oysters in a casual setting. Their hush puppies are legendary!

Bluewater Cowboys:

  • This lively bar and grill offers a Tex-Mex take on seafood, with dishes like shrimp fajitas and fish tacos. Their margaritas are also top-notch.


  • Located on North Beach, Castaways is a laid-back beachfront bar with stunning views. Their seafood platters and po’boys are perfect for sharing.

Moby Dicks:

  • Moby Dicks is a casual eatery known for its generous portions and friendly service. Their fried catfish and shrimp dinners are classic comfort food.

Trout Street Bar and Grill:

  • This upscale bar and grill features a diverse menu with fresh seafood, steaks, and pasta. Their crab cakes and grilled salmon are popular choices.

Seafood and Spaghetti Works:

  • A family-friendly chain restaurant, Seafood and Spaghetti Works offers a variety of seafood dishes alongside pasta and other Italian favorites. Their shrimp scampi and lobster ravioli are crowd-pleasers.

The Blue Clove:

  • This fine-dining restaurant features an elegant atmosphere and creative seafood dishes with global influences. Their Chilean sea bass and grilled octopus are standouts.

Doc’s Seafood and Steaks:

  • A Corpus Christi icon, Doc’s offers an open-air setting with waterfront views, live music, and a menu of fresh seafood and steaks. Their shrimp cocktail and lobster bisque are delicious starters.

The Angry Marlin:

  • This casual waterfront bar and grill is known for its lively atmosphere and fresh seafood dishes. Their blackened fish tacos and fish and chips are always a hit.

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